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Homebrew Wednesday 15th March 2017

Off to brew at The Maltmiller and my Cali Common brew day A short and sweet one this week. A quick update on what I’ve been up to this week and what is coming up next followed by some footage

New Brew Challenge 2017

The challenge Pick a number of beers that will work with your brewing kit and how often you can brew then brew that number of styles you haven’t brewed before, by the end of the year. Who is up for

Yeast washing when saving yeast cake / slurry

Answering a question from The Geeky Dad about yeast washing and if I think it is necessary when saving yeast cake / slurry from a batch. Thanks for the question. The Geeky Dad’s channel Go and have a look at

Homebrew Wednesday 8 March 2017 – Vienna Lager bottling day

Trying my Wee Heavy and bottling a Vienna Lager The Brewers Friend priming calculator

Homebrew Wednesday 1st March 2017 – Wurst Wheat brew day disaster

A disastrous brew day with a boiler killing itself half way through the boil. Leading me to christen the German Weiss as The Wurst Wheat. Drinking a home brewed Blackberry Vanilla Porter from Allt Wen Brewing Please remember to like,

Feb 2017 Brewing update, Glasses, brewing, judging and competition

An update of what has been happening and what I am planning to do this year. Topics include beer glasses, brewing, judging and competitions Spiegelau Glasses Spiegelau beer classics Tasting 4 glass kit Spiegelau craft beer 3 Glass kit Beer

Reverse osmosis filter system for homebrewing – RO water filter

Here is a brief run through of my reverse osmosis system. I use this to filter water before brewing. Look out for a future video to show how to build your desired water profile by adding minerals

Gas Management Board Explained

Using a post mix gas management board for home brew kegs

Homebrew Wednesday 10th June 2015

A review of the Buxton Brewery Yellow Belly and an update on all the many things that have been happening in my brewing world since the last HBW a long time ago.

Testing my custom coolbox sparge arm

First water test and it looks good. This is only with about 10cm head between the HLT and the top of the cool box mash tun I will have to see how it copes with slower water rates when I