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Beer glass cleaning. How do you clean yours?

  With 175 glasses to clean after the 2017 Welsh National, I thought I would share my glass cleaning process and ask how you clean yours.

Welsh National Homebrew Competition 2017 judging timelapse

  Come with me, behind the scenes of the WNHC 2017. Competition judging from start to finish in just over 3 minutes. Thanks so much to all our sponsors, volunteers and you, the homebrewers for making this year awesome. Roll

Welsh National Homebrew Competition Results 2017

  Full results from the 2017 Welsh National Homebrew Competition.

Home Brew Wednesday 28th June 2017

  Happy Homebrew Wednesday all. I’ve been doing a bit of brew related shopping this week so a quick look at the sale stuff I found and a look behind the scenes of organising a competition. I have beer everywhere

Ace / Klarstein / Hopcat brew day June 2017

  Start to finish brew day using the Ace / Klarstein microbrewery. Starting with how to set up the program we go all the way through to getting your beer into a fermenter Here I was brewing a test batch

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Homebrew Wednesday 3rd May 2017 – Busy Busy

Quick update on what’s going on here. Drinking California common. Fermenting a sweet stout, a dark mild and a grapefruit juice American pale ale

Bringing a Brupaks / Bielmeier home brew boiler back to life

Recently my Brupaks boiler packed up in the middle of a brewday that got christened The Wurst Wheat due to the issues it caused. Here I strip the boiler down, test, service and clean it before giving it a hot

Home Brew Update April 2017

Drinking the beer I brewed at The Malt MIller, The Welsh National homebrew competition, UK SMaSH off, what I’ve been brewing and what is coming up.

Klarstein / Ace microbrewery review and overview

I show you around the Klarstein / Ace microbrewery, talk about some of the positive or negative points and compare it to the GrainFather. Remember to subscribe for more videos including brew day footage using the Ace and tasting the

Brewing at The Malt Miller and a look behind the scenes

Last week I had the chance to pop along to The Malt Miller and try out one of the brewing stations they have set up for people to come along and brew. I also get to have a good look