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The strange online community of beer, brewers and homebrewers

One of the things that makes homebrewing in the Internet age such fun is the wonderful online community of brewers. The hobby is absolutely thriving online and it doesn’t matter what part of the hobby you are a part of,

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My Baltic Porter – Not a Porter V2

Not A Porter v2 Baltic Porter (12 C) Download the Beersmith recipe file for Not a Porter V2 Type: All GrainBatch Size: 30.00 l Boil Size: 42.71 l Boil Time: 60 min End of Boil Vol: 35.14 l Final Bottling

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How to add vanilla to a beer you are brewing

Last year, I brewed a Bourbon Vanilla Imperial Porter and it was a lovely beer. As I am in the middle of brewing a batch of this beer again, I thought this would be a good time to demonstrate  how

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Understanding beer and hop bitterness basics

Whilst I am not always active here on the blog, I am very active on social media and especially Facebook. I am honoured to be a part of the admin team for the UK Craft Beer Network and the associated

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Parti-gyle remash brewing

  It’s been a busy weekend. For the first time since I started all grain brewing years ago, I have 3 fermenters full of fermenting beer at once. Several years ago was the last time I had 3 on the

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Making a sparge arm for a 28L Thermos coolbox mash tun

  There are several things I have been wanting to do for a while to help dial in my system and to make brew days, simpler and easier. One of these brew DIY tasks was to make a sparge arm

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Brewing the Not A Porter

As happens quite often, I found myself with grains I wanted to use up and time to brew a batch. I had done several fruity and pale beers so fancied something a bit different for a change. Something fuller flavoured

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When to use a refractometer

Refractometers are great tools for brewers, however they can catch you out if you rely on them all the time. Here, in 5 minutes and under, is when to use them, when not to use them and why. Brew and

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Brewing the Daft Cat ESB

Brewday again and this time I was looking to do something less fruity and more in line with a basic English Bitter. I started out with a recipe for a basic brown ale and made a few twists and changes

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Brewing Mysterio’s Seira Nevada Pale Ale

Here at Daft Cat, we are big fans of the Seirra Nevada Pale Ale. I was asked to brew some, so I went looking for a recipe and came across this SNPA recipe by Mysterio I was in the process

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