Month: March 2013

When to use a refractometer

Refractometers are great tools for brewers, however they can catch you out if you rely on them all the time. Here, in 5 minutes and under, is when to use them, when not to use them and why. Brew and

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Brewing the Daft Cat ESB

Brewday again and this time I was looking to do something less fruity and more in line with a basic English Bitter. I started out with a recipe for a basic brown ale and made a few twists and changes

Brewing Mysterio’s Seira Nevada Pale Ale

Here at Daft Cat, we are big fans of the Seirra Nevada Pale Ale. I was asked to brew some, so I went looking for a recipe and came across this SNPA recipe by Mysterio I was in the process

HBW 6th March 2013

Some updates on what I have brewing, a beer related delivery and a look at the Hop Variety Handbook by Dan Woodske If you haven’t seen a Poor mans beer gun before or a “making of” video, here is one.

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