Month: February 2013

HBW 27th Feb 2013

Happy Home Brew Wednesday guys.   Just a few updates on what I have been doing, brewing and what is going to be next up brew wise. Along with a quick look at my kegs and what is on tap

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Could do better double brew weekend

Well its been a double batch weekend with a few issues with both batches. Saturday I brewed a 5 imperial gallon batch of MO / Galaxy SMaSH A Single Malt Single Hop Aussie Pale Ale. I have heard it said

Codename: Chinatu Take 2 APA / NZPA

Another brew day done and another batch in the fermenting chamber. If you watched my Home Brew Wednesday this week, you will see I wasn’t happy with my Chinatu recipe. Whilst it was a lovely beer, it didn’t have the

Prevent boil overs

Quick brewing tip on how to prevent boil overs

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Oxygenating wort

A no fuss way to oxygenate your wort before pitching yeast.

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Cleaning hop strainers / Bazooka screens

An easy way to clean hop strainers or bazooka screens

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Heating strike water

Quick tip for new all grain brewers about heating your strike water and shortening your brew day.

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HBW 13th Feb 2013

Happy Home Brew Wednesday guys. A couple of quick updates on whats been happening and a couple of questions for you this week. 1. Anyone planning on going to the Great British Beer Festival 13 – 17 August in

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A board full of beer

With 5 kegs and 4 of them already full of beer, it was about time to sort out the beer taps and get some of the other kegs on tap.   So this weekend it was time to put my

HBW 6th Feb 2013

Happy Home Brew Wednesday folks My first video on the new channel. I’m also in the middle of setting up a site at so if you want to take a look at any of my recipes, please feel free

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