Month: January 2013

HBW 30th Jan 2013

Happy Homebrew Wednesday guys. Been a while and I kinda got out of the habit of doing them, but plenty has been going on including my conversion to the “Dark Side” with starting All grain brewing.

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Codename Chinatu Pale Ale

    Treated myself to some different hops and speciality malts and one of the hops was Kohatu, I wanted to try something a bit different so I went with a basic pale malt with Chinook for bittering and Kohatu

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Ringwood Fortyniner clone

I had always promised myself that the first all grain brew I tried would be a Ringwood Fortyniner clone. Well it was 🙂 I got the All Grain kit for this from brewuk along with the Wyeast 1187 Smack pack

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