Year: 2013

Testing my custom coolbox sparge arm

First water test and it looks good. This is only with about 10cm head between the HLT and the top of the cool box mash tun I will have to see how it copes with slower water rates when I

Making a sparge arm for a 28L Thermos coolbox mash tun

  There are several things I have been wanting to do for a while to help dial in my system and to make brew days, simpler and easier. One of these brew DIY tasks was to make a sparge arm

Brewing the Not A Porter

As happens quite often, I found myself with grains I wanted to use up and time to brew a batch. I had done several fruity and pale beers so fancied something a bit different for a change. Something fuller flavoured

When to use a refractometer

Refractometers are great tools for brewers, however they can catch you out if you rely on them all the time. Here, in 5 minutes and under, is when to use them, when not to use them and why. Brew and

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Brewing the Daft Cat ESB

Brewday again and this time I was looking to do something less fruity and more in line with a basic English Bitter. I started out with a recipe for a basic brown ale and made a few twists and changes

Brewing Mysterio’s Seira Nevada Pale Ale

Here at Daft Cat, we are big fans of the Seirra Nevada Pale Ale. I was asked to brew some, so I went looking for a recipe and came across this SNPA recipe by Mysterio I was in the process

HBW 6th March 2013

Some updates on what I have brewing, a beer related delivery and a look at the Hop Variety Handbook by Dan Woodske If you haven’t seen a Poor mans beer gun before or a “making of” video, here is one.

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HBW 27th Feb 2013

Happy Home Brew Wednesday guys.   Just a few updates on what I have been doing, brewing and what is going to be next up brew wise. Along with a quick look at my kegs and what is on tap

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Could do better double brew weekend

Well its been a double batch weekend with a few issues with both batches. Saturday I brewed a 5 imperial gallon batch of MO / Galaxy SMaSH A Single Malt Single Hop Aussie Pale Ale. I have heard it said

Codename: Chinatu Take 2 APA / NZPA

Another brew day done and another batch in the fermenting chamber. If you watched my Home Brew Wednesday this week, you will see I wasn’t happy with my Chinatu recipe. Whilst it was a lovely beer, it didn’t have the